Artarmon – an excellent all-rounder with few faults!

If there’s a single word I would use to describe Artarmon, ‘versatile’ would likely be it.

The way it walks the line between many different aspects of Sydney’s other suburbs – big heritage houses draped in greenery and higher-density, affordable housing on the other side of the tracks – blue-collar working opportunities nearby and white-collar a couple of train stops away – a prized local school and choices for further education nearby, etc.  Basically, it means Artarmon is recommended for any family size or demographic.

Perhaps its only detraction is, being landlocked, there’s no Harbour waterfronts and it’s a distance to a beach, (but on days like today we don’t really mind). Trekking to Chatswood for shopping is a small inconvenience when you consider the joy of returning to our village.  I expect our suburb is more ‘utilitarian’ than ‘fun’, but for daily life this has many benefits.

The central location is an easy starting point. Our easy-access railway station delivers regular services plus we are surrounded by major arterial roads running in every direction.

One of the quirkiest aspects of Artarmon is its high Japanese population. Head under the tunnel outside the station to Wilkes Avenue and we find an enclave of Japanese-style restaurants including cafes and ramen restaurants.  My personal favourite is Haru.

The suburb has a friendly vibe and it’s a pleasant place to hang out and chat.  It’s quite different to other parts of the North Shore. I regularly recommend to out-of-area buyers to visit an open-home then have a coffee or lunch in Hampden or Wilkes.

6% of Artarmon is covered in green space and is considered a pet friendly suburb, with generally green streets and parks providing open spaces for animals to do their thing and a quality veterinary hospital for pet care. Artarmon Park is recommended for dog lovers. Add in the newly upgraded public school options for the children and we find the local amenities cover all the bases for most household demographics.

One of my personal favourites is to join in on the weekly fun run every Saturday.  It kicks off at 7:00am at Artarmon Reserve and we go for coffee afterwards with other locals at everyday canteen. It’s a great way to meet people and, of course, get your 30 mins exercise in, or in my case, 45 mins..!

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