How many times should you inspect a property?

Buying a property is a significant decision that deserves careful consideration. After all, it’s not just a transaction, but the place where you’ll create memories and build a future. One question that often arises in the minds of property owners and buyers is: “How many times should I inspect a property before making the big leap?” Here are our insights into this aspect of property buying.

Taking your time matters:

It’s no surprise that inspecting a property multiple times is a smart move. After all, this is where you’re planning to invest your hard-earned money. Our expert sales agents at Marriott Lane recommend inspecting a property as many times as you need to feel completely confident in your decision. While some buyers find the right fit after just a couple of visits, many prefer to inspect a property 2 to 5 times. Yes, that’s the sweet spot where most people tend to feel that they have a thorough understanding of the property’s features and quirks.

Going the extra mile:

Believe it or not, some buyers go above and beyond to ensure they’re making the right choice. We once had a client who inspected a property – a charming 2-bedroom apartment in St Leonards – a whopping 16 times before making the final call. This record-breaking number might sound surprising, but it underscores the importance of taking your time to be absolutely sure about your purchase.

Timing is everything:

Your first property inspection will likely take place on a Saturday, the day when most open houses are held. It’s convenient since you can explore multiple properties in one go. However, if you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere with fewer people around, consider attending a mid-week inspection, usually scheduled for Wednesdays. If even that doesn’t suit your schedule, don’t hesitate to book a private inspection directly with the sales agent. Flexibility is key, and at Marriott Lane, we’re committed to making the process work for you.

The neighbourhood check:

Remember, buying a property isn’t just about the structure itself; it’s also about the neighbourhood it’s nestled in. To get a complete picture of your potential new life, take the time to explore the surroundings. Drive or walk around the area on different days and at various times. This will give you insights into traffic patterns, noise levels, and the overall vibe of the community. It’s a step that adds value to your decision-making process.

We’re here to help

At Marriott Lane, we understand that your property journey is unique. That’s why we’re dedicated to accommodating your inspection needs. Whether you’re a seller looking to showcase your property or a buyer seeking your dream home, we’re here to guide you through the process. Our experienced agents are passionate about matching individuals with their ideal properties.

The question of how many times to inspect a property before buying has a simple answer: as many times as you need. Your comfort and confidence are paramount, and we encourage you to take your time. From the first visit to exploring the neighbourhood, each step contributes to making an informed decision.

If you’re ready to embark on your property journey, whether as a buyer or a seller, reach out to us today.


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