Providing pre-purchase assistance

A key component of our Investor Support Services is the assistance available in the buying of an Investment property. This free service is provided in the confidence that good advice, valuable suggestions and accurate information can result in Marriott Lane being chosen to be the Managing Agent.

We are not a Buyers Agent. These agents assist clients to identify, negotiate and purchase a property for investment. They charge a fee for this service. We are licensed to provide such a service, however we are not offering this.

Our role potentially begins when the investor identifies a candidate property for purchase. Usually, the investor will be interested in how attractive the property will be to tenants and what rent could be achieved. The Selling Agent, working for the owner and wanting the sale, is unlikely to give completely unbiased information. There is also a potential for a conflict of interest for some of the advice that could be given to the intending purchaser. Our Investor Services Manager is free to look after just the Purchasers’ interests.

Any new or experienced investor in the process of buying a property on the Lower North Shore can gain significant value from our advice and consultation service. Whether this is your first investment property or you are in the process of expanding your portfolio, we can provide you with the following:

  • Providing an unbiased rental assessment for a property you are considering to purchase
  • Recommendations for making the property tenant attractive and tenant ready
  • Recommendations for the terms and conditions of the purchase (it is too late to request changes after the contract is exchanged)
  • How to request early access for repair and improvement quotes and rental inspections before settlement
  • Recommendations regarding marketing materials
  • Checklists and advice for Risk Reduction & Return Maximisation, including depreciation schedules, strata bylaws, landlord insurance, setting rent, rental property marketing, tenant selection, tenancy database, condition reports, lease conditions etc
  • Guidance in seeking advice to help you ensure that the most appropriate ownership structure is established ie; personal, company, joint tenancy, tenants in common, self managed super fund etc

Even if you have already purchased a property our assistance prior to settlement and beyond can be invaluable.

Call Mehran on 0425 293 919 for a confidential discussion.

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