The best day to launch your property campaign

When it comes to selling or buying a property, timing can be the secret sauce for a successful campaign. Today, we’re here to share valuable insights that can make a significant difference in the effectiveness of your property journey.

Prime times

Research shows that the majority of prospective buyers are most active on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. During these prime times, they explore properties online and plan which open homes to attend on Saturday. While some may also browse on Friday evenings, it’s often too late for them to make concrete plans.

The golden period

The initial two weeks of a property campaign are crucial. This period attracts the highest number of prospective buyers to your open home. The bustling activity during these weeks creates a sense of demand and urgency, making your property appear even more desirable.

Our approach

At Marriott Lane, we adopt a smart approach to maximise your property’s appeal. To align with buyer behaviour, we publish new listings on Wednesdays and Thursdays. This way, your property gets the spotlight during the peak activity periods, ensuring maximum exposure and interest.

Preparing for success

To kickstart your campaign on the right note, we dedicate Mondays and Tuesdays to complete essential tasks. Our team focuses on professional photography and videography, preparing floor plans and copywriting. By having all the elements in place before the prime days, we set the stage for a captivating presentation of your property.

Social media promotion

Social media is a powerful tool to promote your property listing. Our statistical analysis has shown that the most significant engagement occurs during the evening hours. We capture the attention of potential buyers when they are most active online. The second largest group of engagement happens in the morning, and we ensure to reach out to the rest during lunchtime.

Planning for Success

The key takeaway from all these insights is the significance of being organised and planning ahead. By strategising the launch of your property campaign, you can create a buzz among prospective buyers at the right time, generating more interest and achieving better results.

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