5 Minutes with Matthew Hanlon

Meet Our Senior Property Manager

We’re proud to introduce Matthew Hanlon, a true standout among our exceptional professionals. With his cutting-edge service and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, Matthew has garnered appreciation and accolades from numerous clients, tenants, and landlords.

Over the past 15 years at Marriott Lane, Matthew has continuously set high standards for our property management team. His relentless pursuit of innovation drives him to enhance our systems and strategies, ensuring we stay at the forefront of the industry. Matthew firmly believes that effective communication and informed decision-making are the keys to his success. Passionate about real estate, he brings enthusiasm and a drive to excel to every interaction.

Celebrating excellence in Property Management

We’re thrilled to share the incredible achievements of our property management team in June 2023. Our team ranked #1 for new listings and new lettings, and an impressive #3 for the number of live listings of rental properties.

These achievements reflect our unwavering commitment to excellence. It’s worth noting that our #3 ranking was solely due to our outstanding 11 Days on Market Average, surpassing the industry’s 47-day average. This remarkable accomplishment solidifies our position as market leaders. Furthermore, Matthew stands out as our top-performing Property Manager, leasing an impressive 14 properties in that month alone.

All things real estate

Matthew’s exceptional performance and dedication make him an invaluable asset to Marriott Lane’s property management team. His extensive experience and passion for real estate shine through in his daily interactions, making him a sought-after partner for landlords and tenants alike. Matthew’s effective communication and well-informed decision-making ensure the best possible outcomes for his clients. With unwavering dedication, focus, and excellent time management skills, he navigates the intricacies of property management with ease.

As a dedicated portfolio property manager, Matthew ensures that every aspect of the property is expertly handled. With his in-depth knowledge of each owner, property, and tenant, clients can trust that their investment is in capable hands. Our administrative support and team are always ready to provide assistance, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience for our clients.

Beyond the office

Beyond his professional achievements, Matthew’s love for travel and exploration enriches his perspective and fuels his drive to deliver exceptional service. As he plans his next big adventure, Matthew brings that same excitement and energy to his work, empowering and mentoring other property managers to succeed.

There’s nothing capricious in nature, and the implanting of a desire indicates that its gratification is in the constitution of the creature that feels it.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ralph Waldo Emerson’s quote deeply resonates with Matthew’s philosophy as a real estate professional. He believes that people’s desires and aspirations are inherent aspects of their nature, not arbitrary whims. Understanding this, Matthew approaches his work with empathy, recognising the fundamental importance of fulfilling clients’ desires for a home, security, and a place to build their lives. Emerson’s words serve as a constant reminder for Matthew to approach his work with sensitivity and a deep understanding of the profound connection between individuals and the places they call home.


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