5 Minutes with Sabine Kagramanian

Meet Our Property Manager

When it comes to finding joy and fulfilment in a career, Sabine Kagramanian, our dedicated Property Manager, knows the secret. With over four years of experience in the real estate industry, Sabine brings passion, dedication, and a personal touch to her role. Every day, she embraces the opportunity to make a positive impact in the lives of landlords and tenants alike.

Sabine’s journey began in Moscow, where she was born to a family with diverse professional backgrounds—her father, an oil engineer, and her mother, a doctor. Holding a degree in Clinical Psychology from Moscow University, Sabine’s knack for understanding people shines through in her role. Notably, her pride in her three boys, Andrew, Michael, and Aram, resonates deeply. Andrew’s journey as a Neurosurgical Registrar, Michael’s achievement of a PHD in Heart Failure, and Aram’s ongoing pursuit of a Bachelor of Med Science reflect her nurturing guidance.

Sabine’s greatest aspiration is to establish a non-profit or charity focused on aiding children affected by brain tumours. She envisions providing direct financial assistance and free surgeries through “The Brain Tumour Charity.” Her determination to make a positive impact beyond her profession is truly inspiring.

Strengths and Passion

Sabine’s strength lies in her ability to embrace diversity. The dynamic nature of her role allows her to adapt quickly to changing circumstances, often multitasking to tackle multiple challenges simultaneously. Meeting new people daily is a driving force for her—each interaction enhances her communication and interpersonal skills. Guided by the wisdom that no two days are alike, Sabine thrives on the unpredictability that property management brings.

All Things Real Estate

Working from our real estate office in Crows Nest holds a unique attraction for Sabine. She relishes the opportunity to connect with people on a personal level. It’s not just about transactions; it’s about building relationships within the community.

Beyond the Office

Sabine’s zest for life extends far beyond the office walls. She finds solace and creativity in playing the piano, and her heartfelt singing reflects her love for music. Embracing different cultures and languages is another of Sabine’s passions, which is further nurtured through her love for travel. Animals hold a special place in her heart, making her a true pet enthusiast.

When she’s not immersed in her professional responsibilities, Sabine enjoys exploring the world through music and travel, demonstrating her openness to new experiences and perspectives. Sabine’s taste in music reveals her diverse personality—Metallica, Smokie, Beast in Black, and Queen are among her favourite bands. Her appreciation for these different sounds mirrors her love for embracing unique qualities in everything around her. Similarly, her palate knows no boundaries—she delights in exploring various cuisines, savouring the cultural richness each dish brings.

We’re here to help

Are you looking for a Property Manager who not only understands the real estate market intricacies but also brings a personal touch to every interaction? Connect with Sabine Kagramanian. With a passion for people, a flair for adapting to change, and a commitment to making a positive impact, Sabine is the partner you need in your real estate journey. Contact her today to experience the warmth and expertise she brings to every transaction and relationship.


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