7 Qualities of a great Property Manager

After 20 years in the business,  Shant Komchian, Senior Property Manager, knows a thing or two about property management. And Shant can honestly say, after ten years at Marriott Lane, that the standard here is extremely high – and he’s proud to be a part of that.

Shant sometimes thinks about the saying, “If you want something done – give it to a busy person,” as this absolutely applies to our Property Management Team.

“We manage a lot of properties for investors and we’re super busy, but we’ve got really tight processes that make it all work.”

Here are Shant’s 7 qualities of a great Property Manager:

1. Respectful

Look for a property manager that treats tenants with respect. We see both tenants and investors as our clients and we work hard to keep them both happy.

Sure, we carry out rental inspections, but we’re never rude about them or invasive. Imagine someone inspected your home – you’d want them to be friendly and accommodating, so that’s what we aim to be.

2. Good with people

Customer service goes a long way in property management: you really need to be good with people and know how to diffuse difficult situations.

My tip is to pick an agent you get along with and chances are your tenant will too.

3. Responsive

A good property manager will get back to landlords and tenants quickly and keep you informed.

I make sure I respond to enquiries within one business day, or earlier, and never sit back and wait to be chased up about something – there’s nothing more annoying.

4. Problem solver

Your property manager needs to embrace problems and work to resolve them quickly. Landlord and tenant not agreeing on an issue? I work on getting everyone on the same page to find a solution.

5. Proactive

Look for signs that your property manager is proactive, as this is one that can cost you money if they’re not.

For example, we start to look for a new tenant as soon as one of our tenants gives notice: our goal is a quick transition between the old tenant and the new – which is why we have super low vacancy rates.

Or, if your property needs a coat of paint or repairs, we’ll flag it. Attractive properties deliver more rent and have lower turnover.

6. Diligent

To be organised is one thing, but to be diligent is another. A diligent property manager will keep a close eye on your insurance and make sure rent is paid on time.

A diligent and respectful property manager will ensure properties are well-maintained – for both the tenant’s and owner’s sakes. No one should have to live with mould or doors falling off hinges, or worse!

7. Affordable

Finally, a great property manager doesn’t have to cost the earth. Property management fees generally vary depending on the office.

Marriott Lane’s all-inclusive fee is entirely fair and competitive (no hidden charges) which includes rental inspections, financial management and regular feedback on your property maintenance and more. From representing our clients at NCAT to dealing with difficult tenants, we certainly earn our keep.

If you need a property manager you can contact me on 0438 640 513 or visit our website to discover why Marriott Lane was voted the Number 1 Agency in Crows Nest, Cammeray, Chatswood, Lane Cove North, Waverton and St Leonards in 2021 (RateMyAgent).

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