A common problem with property management

What do you think is the most common complaint that landlords have about their typical property manager? It’s communication.

“I only ever hear from them when there is a problem. They never call back straight away. I never know what’s going on”.

We’ve worked on this issue in a multi-faceted way. Firstly, we focus on induction.  It’s important that a tenant is made aware of how things work best, right from the start. Responsibilities and rights, processes and communication methods are some of the subjects.

Once our tenant has been approved for a property, they receive a Tenant Handbook, with all of the relevant move-in information in one very important link – the who, what, where and when of being a tenant. The bonus, it’s a live document, an electronic WebBook designed by our agency with information about everything they need and may wish to know.  Any updates we make are instant so this one link, full of up-to-date information simply becomes part of their tenancy.

It soon followed that it would help if our landlords and tradespeople were inducted as well. So now we have also produced the Landlord handbook. Many of our clients are first time Landlords so they wish to know about how we manage finding tenants, leases, vacancy, emergency repairs and maintenance, arrears, changes to legislation, COVID-19 and the list goes on. An electronic document, accessible on mobile and desktop devices can be referred to anytime and anywhere, so is a game changer for anyone new to real estate.

We’ve found that facilitating self-help is key to effective communication and emails are best for instructions and responses. All this provides plenty of room for voice conversations that are used for the nuances of human interaction, the thing that makes real estate so fascinating.

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