Repairs & Maintenance

There are two types of repairs relating to investment properties. Those that the tenant is anxious to see carried out and any other type of repair. In other words, we can’t rely on tenants to always alert us to the mould appearing on a ceiling, the small drip falling within the vanity or grout deterioration in the shower. The latter will only be discovered at the routine inspection.

Repairs & Maintenance

• Regular, vigilant inspections

• Prompt action on repairs & maintenance issues

• Competitive quotations from trusted, qualified tradespeople

Normal Repairs & Emergency Repairs

Non-urgent repairs require tenants to advise us in writing. Whenever possible we advise you of the issue, recommend a solution and seek your approval. Many owners authorise us to go ahead with minor repairs (up to an agreed cost limit) at our discretion. Regardless, we would usually let you know in advance.

A special situation exists for an ‘Emergency Repair’. These are defined by legislation and permit the tenant to organise the repair themselves at the owner’s expense. This is only after they have attempted to contact the agent and give them the opportunity to organise it.

Many property management agents are impossible to contact after-hours, so an expensive or unnecessary repair may result, one that may have been possibly handled in a more cost effective manner by an experienced person.

Marriott Lane provides tenants with a list of preferred tradespeople who will assist out of hours. Additionally, our property managers’ mobile numbers are listed on our websites. We are also unique in the vicinity as an agency that is open every Sunday, delivering our clients another means of mitigating the cost of out of hour’s emergency repairs.

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