Selecting superior tenants

Our goal to this point is to receive applications from several qualified tenants. It is a difficult position to be in when there are no applications or just one or two that don’t quite make the grade.

It is better to wait and consider adjusting the asking rent than to go against that gut feeling that all is not right.

• Comprehensive Application Forms – All prospective tenants wishing to rent your property must submit an application form which outlines who the applicants are, their proof of identity, past tenancy history, current employment, references, financial situation and provides evidence to support the above information.

• Reference & Financial Viability Checks – Marriott Lane will diligently contact key referees to check the information supplied on the application and independently verify this information. These referees might include the applicant’s current or past employers, past Landlords and/or Accountant etc.

• Tenancy History Checks – Marriott Lane will contact the applicant’s past real estate Property Manager if applicable to check their rental history, past rental payment ledgers and gain an overall impression of how they have performed in previous tenancies. This will provide important precedents to support whether the applicants are good tenants.

• TRA Database Checks – The Trading References Australia database is a national database of problem tenants who have been blacklisted by other real estate agents. This kind of reference check is an important professional tool available to your property manager in screening applicants to rent your property.

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