Welcome to the team Angelo

We are delighted to announce that Angelo Huynh has recently joined Marriott Lane as a portfolio Property Manager.  He joins Matthew Hanlon, Shant Komchian, Andrea Gongolidis, Victoria Ibrahim and Sabine Kagramanian.  With six portfolio managers, we now have resources to facilitate further growth, improve and systemise all our processes.

Angelo has been a hit with the existing team members.  His speed in picking up our systems and acumen about all areas of the role was a delight for everyone to see.

After graduating from University of Western Sydney with a bachelor of Business and Commerce, Angelo immediately joined the real estate industry. He explored sales, support and property management roles before pinpointing where his skills and joys lay. The property management role is a perfect fit for Angelo as he embraces being organised and effective and derives great pleasure from assisting people.  He is an enthusiastic, confident and caring person who loves getting tasks completed.

Angelo is also proficient in speaking Mandarin and Cantonese, which in our industry is a major attribute.  If you or any friends and family would like to converse in Mandarin or Cantonese with the office these languages add to the existing Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Armenian, Russian and Lithuanian capabilities.

Contact Angelo Here: https://marriottlane.com.au/meet-our-team/angelo-huynh/

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