Marriott Lane’s office renovation

Those of you who have visited our office over the past few months would have seen renovations taking place. I’m pleased (and relieved) to be able to announce that they are now complete. Everyone here is delighted with the result.

We undertook the work for a few reasons, one being to refresh the working environment and technology. Most importantly though, we were outgrowing the accommodation. The changes have added two more workstations in the property management area and one more for sales. The continual growth of the business, especially our new PM clients, meant we were going to be constrained in taking on new people to look after them. That concern will arise again in a few years’ time but, for now, we can focus on continual improvement in all we do, as well as looking for more new clients.

We hope that when you are in the vicinity, that you might pop in and say hello.

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