Marriott Lane offers a transparent, fixed, inclusive management fee…

Unlike most other agencies who charge for incidentals such as monthly and annual statements, postage, lease preparation, bank charges and inspections, etc. An important feature of our service is that Consumer Trader & Tenancy Tribunal attendance is included. In the event of a dispute with a tenant, most agencies charge $50-$100 per hour to act on your behalf. This can cost you hundreds of dollars. At Marriott Lane, representing your interests at tribunal is simply part of our service.

  • Letting fee > one week’s rent + GST
  • Advertising and Certifying fee > $335 each time the property is let
  • All inclusive Management fee > No hidden fees or extra charges

"I was very pleased to have Shant manage my investment property. He was always quick to act on any issues and kept me well updated. He was proactive concerning repairs to be made and always professional in manner."

Anonymous8/74 Bay Rd, Waverton

"Georgina has been my agent for 12 months and just makes it easy. Georgina is disciplined and follows correct process while always remaining friendly and professional. She has sorted out issues along the way with ease and offers sound advice. I could not recommend Georgina highly enough."

Zander Pain61/236 Pacific Highway, Crows Nest

"Since Georgina Koeninger from Marriot Lane has managed my property on the North Shore, since November 2015, I have had a worry free rental service. Amongst her good pragmatic skills, she is diplomatic, thoughtful and considerate in dealing with all matters, no matter how trivial or complex."

Ingrid2/31 Central Street

"Shant is a very friendly property manager that handles the properties with care and years of experience. The process of renting out my property has been quick, efficient, and most importantly, hassle-free, and the same goes with and any fixes done to the property. Armed with a wealth of knowledge of the local area, I am not surprised he has been ranked first in the rental agents in the postcode 2065."

Christine Chen209/420 Pacific Highway, Crows Nest

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