Look at your property from across the street and ask yourself – honestly and seriously – would you buy this house?

When preparing your property for sale, you need to try and put yourself in the purchaser’s shoes. By following these hints and tips you will ensure that your property is displayed in its best light…


  • Keep the lawn cut with neat edges. Avoid bare patches as well and possibly consider drought-proof plants.
  • Trim back tree and shrub branches, especially around windows (this helps to let light in).
  • Plant colourful flowers around the garden.This is very worthwhile and lifts the appearance of your garden. Mulch the plant weeds and ensure the garden is weeded.
  • Ensure the garden paths are swept.
  • Basic housekeeping should also be maintained.
  • Wash eaves and remove spider webs.
  • Unblock and clean the drains and spouting
  • Wash down the front door.
  • Remove all junk from the garden.
  • Ensure your pool is kept clean.
  • Keep your garage door shut.


  • Remove clutter from and clean every room. Buyers prefer to see properties in their more natural state. You can even temporarily hire storage for your excess items.
  • Be sure to open curtains and blinds and bring the outdoors in. This is particularly important in allowing natural light to stream into the property.
  • Vacuum and preferably steam clean your carpets.
  • Ensure the property is at a comfortable temperature, heat your home on a cold winters day, and cool it on a hot summers day
  • If you need to paint any surfaces, neutral colours are best.
  • Ensure all tiles, wallpaper, plaster, etc. is free of damage, otherwise repair.
  • There should be no leaky taps in your dwelling.
  • Creaky floorboards should be attended to and doors and windows should open and close easily.
  • Clean bench tops in kitchens and bathrooms. Showers and baths should also be spotless.
  • Do not leave any items of value out.
  • Indoor plants often add some character to otherwise sparse interiors.
  • In addition. we can put you in touch with a Property Stylist who can help reshape your home ready for sale, whatever your budget.

Open day – what should I do?

Some finishing touches for open homes never go amiss:

  • Well lit homes are best. Possibly turn lights on and keep curtains and blinds open.
  • Aromas tend to be winners. An old cliché, but baking bread and freshly brewed coffee ignites the senses and gives the house a welcoming feel
  • Attend to detail and present perfectly. Touches such as a set dinner table and a vase of fresh flowers may well impress.
  • Again, ensure there is no clutter anywhere.
  • Any visible linen and towels must be clean.
  • It’s best to remove pets from the scene.
  • Irrespective of the season, ensure the house is at an acceptable temperature.
  • Ensure prospective purchasers enter via the front door rather than any other entranceways.

You are now on your way to achieving a successful result, good luck!

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