Auction vs Private Treaty

Auction vs Private Treaty

If you’re thinking of selling, you might be wondering whether you should go to auction or sell by private treaty.

Auctions are best when:

  1. It’s a desirable property with regard to space, presentation and location
  2. There’s a shortage of these kinds of properties currently on the market

An example of a ‘desirable’ property in the Crows Nest, St Leonards, Wollstonecraft and Waverton areas is a two-bedroom apartment over 90sqm in a quiet and/or ultra-convenient street within walking distance to transport, shops and cafes. These in-demand properties that attract a number of interested buyers are best suited to auction campaigns.

On the flip side, smaller apartments that aren’t as well-presented and are positioned on a busy street are best suited to private treaty. For this kind of sale, you only need one interested buyer. The selling process can also be less stressful than an auction campaign.

Whether to sell by auction or private treaty can also come down to market conditions. If there’s strong buyer demand and a low supply of competing properties, auction is ideal.

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