Does the rental market influence the sales market?

Does the rental market influence the sales market?   

The rental market is hot at the moment – a little too hot.

As a result, it’s having a strong impact on the sales market. Let me explain…

Rental properties are in high demand. About 20 – 50 groups come through each ‘open for inspection’ of one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments. This is incredibly competitive.

Then there’s the uncertainty of being a tenant. Your rent can (and will) go up. And if the owner decides to sell, you can find yourself, once again, competing for a rental property.

This has led to tenants who can afford to buy to finally take the leap into the sales market.

The sales market is also hot right now, with more properties on the market than in previous years and more buyers looking to purchase.

It’s unusual for the rental market and property market to be hot at the same time.

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