Property furnishing and styling

The furnishing and styling of properties that are being presented for sale has become increasingly recommended by agents. The sole reason is that it works. Invariably a higher price is achieved, compared to a situation where is property is displayed to potential purchasers either completely unfurnished or poorly presented. Marriott Lane were early adopters of the concept and remain enthusiastic about its benefits to our clients.

Styling works on two levels. Firstly, more buyers are attracted to the property as the marketing, being mainly a visual medium, is more attractive and compelling. Secondly, when buyers inspect the property, it effectively showcases the features and benefits of the accommodation. It turns out, most people, which means most buyers, have a surprisingly limited spatial imagination. When people can’t imagine something, the best solution is to show them – how the furniture will fit, the play of light, how artworks will enhance the joy and more. The return (higher price) versus cost (investment in styling) will usually range from three to twenty times.

It sounds too good to be true.

The property stylist is our preferred partner for the styling of properties. By developing a close, long-term relationship, there are benefits to both organisations. We can lock-in competitive prices based on volume and efficiency. The stylists have a tremendous eye for style and experience in knowing how best to showcase a property’s features. The stylists are also brilliant at being able to explain to our clients why they are choosing particular options, giving them confidence in the process.

One of our greatest pleasures in preparing a home for sale is seeing the reaction from the client when they first see the finished result. The most common response is

“I never would have thought it would make such a difference”

Feel free to chat to our sales team about how property styling can work for you.

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