Property Presentation

Improving the presentation of your property is the most cost effective action you can take. It always returns at least twice the expenditure and usually somewhere between four and fifteen times.

Superior Presentation delivers on two levels

More Visits to the Property by Buyers – All marketing is visual today and it’s important to stand out. Quality photographs of a beautifully presented property are critical to be noticed and create the impulse to visit an open for inspection or arrange a private appointment.

Greater Engagement at the Property – You must not rely on the Buyer’s imagination. It’s essential that the home works for them, that it feels inviting, practical and invokes emotions. People should focus on how they would feel there, not on required repairs and whether furniture would fit – provide them with solutions, not problems.

Undertake Necessary Repairs

Ensure all tiles, wallpaper, plaster, etc. is free of damage, otherwise repair
Ensure there is no mould present
Fix any leaking taps and loose handles

Focus on Light
Remove window coverings if old and worn out, clean windows
Use lamps & add mirrors
Consider painting in a lighter shade
Cut back foilage from windows


First Impressions
Stand at the street entrance and imagine you are seeing your property for the first time
Move to the front door, look about and observe the quality of presentation and repair
Pause within the entry foyer and consider how welcoming it feels

Styling – Showcases, displays usability of space & demonstrates the lifestyle of a property.

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