Selling off-market: Is it worth it?

Selling off-market: Is it worth it?    


It’s understandable why many vendors like the idea of selling off-market. It’s cheaper (because there’s no marketing campaign), it’s quicker and it’s more private.

However, there are only two instances in which off-market is better than going to market.

The first one is when a certain property has just sold and a near-identical one comes to market immediately after, perhaps in the same building or complex. This property already has potential buyers who are ready to purchase – those who missed out on the last property.

The second one is a rare and sought-after property that many buyers are going to want to take off the market ASAP. There’s a sense of urgency to scoop it up before it’s gone.

But for most properties, which have plenty of competition because they’re not in short supply, we advise you go to market with a strong marketing campaign to achieve the best result.

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