The art of Saturday open-for-inspection times

The art of Saturday open-for-inspection times

Sellers often think the optimal Saturday open-for-inspection time is a half-hour anytime between about 11am and 2pm. This isn’t always the case.

The trouble with that timeslot is you’re competing with many other open homes. This means buyers need to choose which one they’d prefer to go to or rush from one to the other.

A half-hour earlier in the morning between about 9am and 10am, and later in the afternoon between about 3pm and 4pm, can have some big advantages. Those timeslots enjoy less competition with other open homes, smaller crowds and more time to inspect the property and perhaps chat to the agent before having to rush off to the next one or head home.

In the morning, people are fresher. Your property is usually the first one they’ve seen that day.

In the afternoon, ideally after people have had time for lunch or a coffee, they’re more relaxed and have a bit of extra time up their sleeve to linger and really take it all in.

Weather and seasons can also play a role in picking the best Saturday open-for-inspection time. In winter, it’s important to show darker properties when they have the most natural light. In summer, it’s important to show properties when they’re not too hot.


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