Being a renter must suck right now

I recently read an article, posted by Scott Pape – The Barefoot Investor. I met him once years ago, was impressed then, love his books and have always admired his care for the financial well-being of Australians.

The article is about renters being charged a fee to pay rent. I believe any interference in the payment of rent to my agency will either cost the tenant or me more money (or both) which doesn’t sit well with me. Marriott Lane will never use companies like Rental Rewards and I’ll let Scott tell you why.

A snippet of the article ‘’There are a lot of smart people who read this column. If you’re a property investor (or you know someone who is), I want you to ring up your real estate agent and ask whether they are signed up to Rental Rewards. And if they are, ditch them. Take your business to somebody who respects the person who’s paying off your asset.’’

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